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Yo Gabba Gabba!

The Challenge

How to reignite preschool brand while managing false starts.


TV partner, Nick Jr., offering regular, consistent exposure. Previous Toy and Apparel merchandising were unsuccessful as they were launched prematurely before audience was firmly established. Current traction with specialty markets and secondary audience of “hipsters”. Favorite with celebrities and their children. Young/millennial preschool parents respond to Social Media outreach.


Highlight current specialty retail success and affinity with trendsetting youth culture. Focus on two major categories, Toys & Apparel, and deliver tight on-brand product ranges with key retailers.
Continue support of specialty retail via promotions and unique product offerings. Create account-specific Social Media opportunities for brand, licensees, and retail accounts.


Secured master toy partner as well as exclusive with Toys R Us and master apparel licensee with exclusive launch at Target. Multiple Instore/Online retail promotions with Journeys Kidz. Live Tour sponsorships secured with Citibank, Ubisoft and Toys For Tots (charitable partner).

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