Jeannie Schulz


"I had the pleasure of working with Joshua and his team for more than eleven years. During this period, a lot happened. My husband Charles Schulz passed away, the family and I got more involved in ensuring Sparky's legacy, and our long term business partner United Media sold their interest in Peanuts. Throughout, Joshua remained the consummate business partner. Joshua is knowledgeable and creative. He is able to see the big picture and negotiate important deals that made sense for everyone. We had a number of challenging creative and business decisions to make over the years and Joshua was always respectful of Sparky's work while striving to ensure Peanuts remained important and relevant in a changing marketplace. I hope I get the opportunity to work with him again one day."

Andrea Reyes

Retail Marketing, JourneysKidz​

"Journeys Kidz worked with YGG! on a number of instore and online promotions that engaged our customers in new and creative ways culminating in additional foot and online traffic. While its always important to bring fresh opportunities to the Journeys Kidz customer, the Gabba team made each promotion unique and offered something our customers could not get at any other retailer. While the promotions were complicated and involved coordination and approvals across different departments, JLK made sure all aspects ran smoothly. It's been a very good relationship!

Jeff Kinney

CMO Poptropica—Author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

"My name is Jeff Kinney and I'm writing to offer my endorsement of Josh Kislevitz.


I'm the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series but I'm also the creator and Creative Director of Poptropica, a virtual world owned by Pearson. Poptropica is currently the most-visited kids' site on the web, with 10 million kids visiting a month.


Two years ago, the management team at Poptropica decided we needed to form a licensing strategy for Poptropica, and we approached United Media. United Media appealed to us as an organization because they had successfully managed the Peanuts enterprise and stood behind several quality brands, including Dilbert and Fancy Nancy.


We met with Josh Kislevitz and were immediately impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and demeanor. Over the course of several weeks, we had conversations with Josh that convinced us that he was the right partner for us. In fact, we were so impressed with Josh that we sought out a "key man" clause to ensure that Josh would be a permanent part of our relationship with United Media.


Josh helped us get started in the world of licensing, helping facilitate an all important toy license. Together, we also explored various other licenses, including video games and apparel. Working with Josh during this period was a wonderful experience, and we felt that he was a perfect fit for us. Josh understood how important it was to us to protect our brand, and we never felt pressured to engage in licenses that would not further our property in the long run.


I can offer no greater endorsement than to say that we're very eager to find a way to work with Josh again."

Erin Dippold

Vice President, Consumer Products DHX Media

"We originally retained JLK for a 6 month engagement to cover my maternity leave. The scope of service was licensing/licensee support for Yo Gabba Gabba! Upon my return, thrilled with their execution, we immediately retained JLK further to focus on retail development and promotions. I have now worked with Joshua and Kathie for over 3 years and cannot recommend them more highly. They not only exceeded expectations but brought their expertise and efforts well beyond the contracted scope of services. From brand strategy to client management to content development they would jump in and deliver — they are the ultimate team players. On top of being well connected, knowledgeable about the industry and strategically minded Kathie and Joshua are the kind of people you want to work with, the kind of people you want to see and talk to every day, the kind of people that make work fun. If you are looking for strategic, smart, connected, dedicated, deal-closing partners look no further than JLK. "


Stacey Pauly

Vice President, Strottman Promotional Agency

"JLK presented Strottman with a winning presentation/argument for why YGG! would make the best brand for a full year program with Wendy's. Throughout the development of the program's elements, they made sure all pieces were delivered in a timely manner and ensured that the creative was on point for Wendy's. They are professional and fun to work with and show great concern and dedication to the brand they are representing, yet strive to make sure all parties are happy with the end result. We'll work together again I'm sure."

Susan Miller

President, Cupcake Digital

"JLK simply gets it. From the Initial meetings through product development, marketing and promotional brainstorms, Joshua and Kathy understand how to make a licensing program successful. They are thoughtful, creative and open minded on every front. And they are true partners. They want their client's property to succeed and they want the licensee to succeed. A rare combination. Our team at Cupcake Digital has launched several best selling Yo Gabba Gabba apps for The property owner DHX. JLK is there every step of the way. I recommend JLK for anybody who wants their property handled with a strategic, creative and results oriented focus. "

Dan Lazar

Literary Agent, Writer’s House

"Joshua and Kathie think deeply about how a brand's message--and its meaning to fans--can best translate into the wider world of licensing and merchandising. Their broad knowledge of the L&M industry is crucial to crafting the most strategic presentation that insures the brand is introduced to the best, most viable licensees that maximize the brand's worth: financially, aesthetically and for the long term. "

Josh Selig

Creator, Little Airplane Productions

"I have worked closely with Joshua for several years developing and executing a brand strategy for our Disney Junior preschool series 'Small Potatoes.' Joshua is honest, strategic, vigilant and has a wide breadth of contacts. Josh has been instrumental in securing a variety of licensees for 'Small Potatoes' and has helped us formulate a strategy for the upcoming release of our film, 'Meet The Small Potatoes' that will premiere on Disney Junior followed by a DVD release with NBC Universal. I would highly recommend Joshua and his team. They are extremely thorough, they keep abreast of all the changes in our ever-changing industry and, most importantly, they get results. "

Mike Polis

CEO, Wildbrain!

"Over the past three years, I've had the distinct pleasure of working with JLKBrand on several of Wildbrain's key properties including Yo Gabba Gabba! Their incredible knowledge of the industry and insight into licensing and retail have been invaluable to our business. They are strategic thinkers and offer far more than consulting. JLK is a key part of our team and we value their contributions. "

Craig Schulz

President Creative Associates—Peanuts

"It has been my pleasure to work with Josh beginning in 2000 after the passing of my father, Charles M. Schulz. He led a team from New York on numerous projects involving complicated issues on a daily basis. He has earned my respectboth as a professional and on a personal level.


I would not hesitate to recommend him to lead any team involved in marketing or licensing. The feedback I have received over the years regarding his management style has all been positive.


I believe that the only reason he is not working for us today, is that after the sale of our company, the new owners decided to completely overhaul all the executive positions."


Jane O'Connor

Author of Fancy Nancy

"As author of the Fancy Nancy series of picture books published by Harper Collins, I first met Joshua Kislevitz five-and-a-half years ago. He was Senior Vice President at United Media which wanted to become the licensing agent for Fancy Nancy. The first book had just been published, and I was impressed that Joshua was so keen on the property despite its having no real track record. The reason was, Joshua later told me, that he saw a market for a character aimed at little girls who wasn't a Disney princess or a pig (Olivia) but just a real little girl with alove of pink and all things glittery and fancy. Joshua was right. Because of him, Fancy Nancy now has over 20 licensees including toys, apparel, calendars, furniture, crafts, backpacks, bedding, sneakers, games, health and beauty aids, puzzles, fabrics, video games and more.


In addition to Joshua's astute business sense, he was someone with whom I wanted to work. He inspired trust. Harper Collins and Fancy Nancy's illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser felt the same way. He planned to develop Fancy Nancy into an evergreen brand that would build over time, an approach that we all found appealing and that also was in sync with the book publishing program. (There are currently around 35 Fancy Nancy titles.)


Joshua proved to be a pleasure to work with, a person with imagination, intelligence and integrity. I would recommend Joshua to anyone looking for a key executive to provide brand leadership."

Robin Preiss Glasser

Illustrator of Fancy Nancy

"How lucky I was to have had Josh Kislevitz and the creative group he directed to introduce Fancy Nancy and me into the world of licensing! The importance of signing with someone of considerable talent and with prior success in the industry became clear immediately as marketing strategies quickly turned into product lines and broad reach for our brand. Josh nurtured partnerships for us. He was always frank and direct, letting us know what was being planned when an opening in the market was detected, and then communicating with us until every detail was nailed down. As a "creative," I felt completely ministered to and cared for in a tricky business. Josh led Fancy Nancy's first foray into the field of licensing and how fortunate we have been that we started with the best!"


Will Murphy

General Partner, The Raggedys, Ltd.

"This letter serves as my recommendation of Joshua Kislevitz. I have known Joshua for over ten years during most of which time he was our senior contact at United Media which managed on behalf of our family partnership the licensing rights to Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy (the oldest privately held intellectual property rights in the United States).


At the inception of our relationship with Joshua and United Media, the licensing rights to Raggedy Ann and Andy had fallen somewhat into disarray. As may episodically happen with "evergreen" properties, the challenge was to reinvigorate the property while maintaining loyalty to its classic image and literary ethos. Joshua led an accomplished team of agents who developed a fresh and imaginative style guide, successfully engaged a diversity of new licensing partners and coordinated media and publicity efforts among other rights holders (Hasbro and Simon & Schuster). Indeed, over time Joshua and his team became the hub of the property, developing and implementing virtually all strategic efforts in re-imagining Raggedy Ann and Andy.


Throughout the course of our business relationship with Joshua, he was consistently accessible and receptive to the family's input, interests and concerns. He was very supportive of our work to establish and expand the Johnny Gruelle Raggedy Ann and Andy Museum in Illinois and instrumental in promotional publicity. In our frequent meetings with Joshua, he was open to new ideas and experimental opportunities to exploit the value of our brand. Joshua was well-versed in the legal technicalities relevant to our property and always mindful of the long-term implications and risks inherent in management of a classic brand. Further, Joshua was personally responsible for maintaining a successful and harmonious coordination of efforts among the various participants and rights holders in our property.


If I may be of additional assistance in your consideration of Joshua, please feel free to contact me at"


Greg Raymond

Senior Vice President—Hallmark

"As head of Hallmark Licensing, I have known and worked with Josh Kislevitz for more than ten years. Josh was Hallmark's senior level contact on our Peanuts license, an important and significant business for our company for over 50 years.


During Josh's tenure, Hallmark experienced significant growth on the Peanuts program, due in no small part to his vision for the property and to his ability to translate that into a coherent, focused strategy for both his team and for United Media's licensees.


Josh understands the power of brands and, through his leadership, broadened the Peanuts brand for a new, younger audience while, simultaneously, protecting the essence and integrity of the Peanuts characters. He also understood and embraced the integration of the Hallmark brand with Peanuts, working with us to grow the program across all of Hallmark's channels of distribution, from Gold Crown specialty stores to Walmart.


Josh is a big thinker who can work at all levels. He is strategic but understands that a great strategy is only as good as its ability to be understood and executed. He is not afraid of a challenge and is very adept at seeing the paths to achieving solutions. Josh is a leader, but is also a trusted and valuable partner to those with whom he shares business objectives. He takes his responsibilities and his relationships seriously, but not himself. He makes work fun and rewarding, for his team and his partner companies.


I recommend Josh highly for a business leadership position within any marketing, strategy development or licensing area."


Anne Parducci

Executive Vice President—Lionsgate

"I have worked with and known Joshua for many years, most recently collaborating on extending the Dirty Dancing Brand. From traditional apparel & publishing licensing to the deeper consumer engagement partnerships of videogames and gaming, Joshua has a keen understanding of how to develop a robust relationship between brand and consumer. Joshua was responsible for growing a substantial profitable business at United Media and anyone who knows him can see why. He is strategic and opportunistic. Entrepreneurial and tenacious. Joshua is a high energy, results oriented pro who has cultivated an extensive network of high level decision makers."